Bay Area Comics Signing and Reception: The Art of Mike Mignola at Trickster

hellboy_in_hell_5In November of 1981, The Comic Reader issue number 196 hit shelves. The cover featured three of the most iconic heroes from some of the most memorable stories of the early part of the Golden Age: The Spirit, Doc Savage, and Dominic Fortune. It was the first published cover of Mike Mignola who would go on to create some of the most memorable creator-owned stories in modern comics: Hellboy, Baltimore, BPRD, The Amazing Screw-On Head, and more.

On October 8, Tr!ckster, 2631 Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, will celebrate the art of Mike Mignola with a reception and signing. In addition to acting as a release party for Mignola’s Helboy in Hell, the final chapter in Hellboy’s two-decades-long story, the event also marks the fourth year anniversary of the Eisner-winning comic book boutique.

Tr!ckster will showcase Mignola’s art, provide BPRD artifacts courtesy of Skeleton Crew Studios, and make available a limited edition Mignola print.

The event starts at 6 p.m.

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