Cartoon Art Museum presents Raw Fury: the Art of Mike Zeck

zeckgijoeOne of the next exhibits at the Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission Street in San Francisco, will be a career retrospective of illustrator Mike Zeck. Visitors to the museum will be treated to walls covered in Zeck’s aggressively action packed work starting April 5 and ending April 10. Zeck had a heavy influence in the Spider-Man mythos thanks to his contributions to Kraven’s Last Hunt and giving Spider-Man his black costume in Secret Wars. Children of the 80s buying comics at the corner story likely know Zeck’s work best from scanning the racks and seeing his striking covers for Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe series. He’s additionally worked with Punisher, Aquaman, Deathstroke, Captain America, and others.

Zeck will be appearing at San Jose’s Big WOW! Comic Con  from May 17-18.


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