Signing: Olympians series creator George O’Connor at Isotope this evening

aphroditeGreek mythology is often the gateway drug to storytelling and world building. When mixed with superhero comics, which were born from the skull of mythology, you have a potent combination guaranteed to get a kid hooked on reading and writing. In this sense, George O’Connor could be considered a kingpin of myth dealing. The New York Times bestselling author’s Olympians series breathes new life into Greek mythology by blowing the dust off the Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus and applying the superhero aesthetic of fast pacing, spirited romps, and dynamic art. So far he has six Gods and Goddesses under his belt with the most recent being Aphrodite: Goddess of Love (FYI: Good Reads is hosting a giveaway for Valentine’s Day).

This evening O’Connor will be at Isotope, 326 Fell Street in San Francisco, to talk myth with fans, signing books, and creating sketches. The signing starts at 5:30 p.m. and runs until 7 p.m.

Olympians at Isotope



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