Signing: Paul Jamison at Mission: Comics and Art April 9

Paul Jamison will be signing copies of Paragon at Mission: Comics and Art, 3520 20th Street in San Francisco, at 5 p.m. on April 9. The independently published title is wholly unique in both concept and paragonpresentation. Jamison released two versions of the first issue. The first version of issue one tells the story with pure exposition providing frames for the striking painted visuals of Godfrey Mawema. The second version features art by Gilbert Dudley and presents a slightly different take on the story through a more traditional comic book story telling style. Both versions are awash in shades of blue and gray.

The story as described by the author:

“Benjamin Byrne is a teenage boy who exists in an overly idyllic world. After years of depression over the loss of his Father, Ben wants to end it all. The attempt passes him through a doorway into our world. Lost and alone; Ben sleeps in a homeless shelter earning money ingesting experimental medicines. However, when the side effects kick in, Ben’s system restarts itself imbuing him with special abilities. With the assistance of Latisha, a volunteer at the shelter, Ben embarks on a journey to uncover why this world cannot metamorphose into the world of the unspoiled.”

Mission: Comics and Art
3520 20th Street
San Francisco, CA



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