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Mission: Comics and Art is on the move

Mission: Comics and Art will soon be on the move. The comic shop and art gallery will be moving from 3520 20th Street to 2250 Mission Street. Nearly two years ago Mission launched a successful Kickstarter campaign intended to raise funds for a new sign at the 20th Street location. Unfortunately, landlord issues came up preventing Mission owner Leef Smith from attaching the sign to the building. Smith noted on Kickstarter that while he loved the space it was an important moment because “the location in this building and the landlords here are not going to be conducive to further growth and the business will be better served by moving to a new location.”

One of the many benefits of moving to the new location is Smith will finally get his sign. The new location, previously occupied by Vimy Electronics, comes with a large box sign jutting out over the sidewalk. The location will help Mission: Comics and Art capture more eyeballs than ever.


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