Call to Action: San Jose’s Slave Labor Grahics needs support from the comic community

slggraphicSlave Labor Graphics is one of the longest running independent comic producers in the industry. Over the company’s nearly 30-year history the publisher has brought us uniquely quirky titles like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Milk & Cheese, Action Girl Comics, and many more. Now this classic company needs the help of what the crowdfunding-era has proven to be a very generous community. SLG Founder Dan Vado has published a plea on GoFundMe to help keep the company running. The company was foced to move locations recently and that has led to a financial downward spiral:

After running up our credit line during the move our bank decided to review our account and decided that the balance on the credit line was too high and, in their infinite wisdom, demanded immediate repayment in the form of a high-interest loan. This created a domino effect where, when reporting the change in my credit status to the various credit bureaus caused them all to cut my credit and in a couple of cases close my accounts.

Because of the nature of my businesses all of our debt was secured through personal guarantees and now I am in a spot where not only am I unable to get my business righted, but I have blown through all of my personal assets other than the home I live in to keep things going.

Even if you don’t have a single SLG title in your collection or on your bookshelf its worth supporting this effort. After you pledge consider swinging by your local comic book store and picking up something from the publisher.

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