What’s all this?

When I arrived in the Bay Area in February of 2013 I was impressed by the number of opportunities for fans of comics. However, I was frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be a central repository for comic fans collecting all of the information regarding what’s happening in the area. The purpose of The Shared Universe is to be that space. This site is mostly a side project for me, but I’ll do my best to update it with local comic news and events. I’m limiting it, for the time being, to San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley (anywhere I can ride BART in less than 30 minutes). If there’s interest I’m open to extending South through the Devil’s Slide Bypass Tunnel.

The Shared Universe won’t be solely about the Bay Area. I have thoughts on comics in general, so I’ll probably abuse this space with general comics commentary. My partner in this project, Maddie Greene, will be using this space to write about other compelling topics that aren’t necessarily related to comics, but may be of interest to those on the fringe of the Venn diagram.

The categories you see in the menu are a work in progress. Currently “Full Bleed” is for non-Bay Area comics news and commentary while “Mixed Media” is for non-comics related news and commentary. Those categories and the subcategories may change as will the look and feel of the website. Nothing is static.

-Jesse Russell

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