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Monthly Archives: October 2020

In no particular order: intoxicating, boring, horny, punk rock, hilarious, horrifying, bewildering. 

Those are all of the adjectives that passed through my brain during the viewing of this delicious puzzle of a film.

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In this day of age, Internet misinformation is just something we expect. We’ve almost reached a point where if something lands in front of you on a website or social network the instinct is to disbelieve. That hasn’t always been the case. One of the very first Internet rumors to take hold on a mass scale was that Marilyn Manson was a child actor on the television show The Wonder Years. In that falsehood, Manson used to be the actor Josh Saiviano who played the character Paul Pfeiffer. The actor grew up, changed his name, and became an industrial icon. An extra special version of the Internet story was that Manson had ribs removed so he could give himself a blowjob. 

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