Mission: Today, we are all Batman

Today is Batman Day. This DC promotion encourages visitors to slip into their best Batman gear and go visit a participating local comic book shop. If you do you’ll be able to pick-up a copy of the new Detective Comics #27 which features Brad Meltzer’s re-imagining of the original Bob Kane and Bill Finger story. Flipping through the various facebook pages, twitter feeds, and websites of our Bay Area stores only turns up one, Mission: Comics and Art, actively promoting an event. From noon until 8 p.m. you can stop in at Mission dressed like Batman and take part in contests, have a chance to win various Bat-themed things, join a scavenger hunt, have your face painted (like Batman?), and more. Mission is located at 3520 20th Street in San Francisco.

It’s new comic day, so you’ll likely be going to your LCS anyway, but if you specifically want to know if your store is taking part in this 75th Anniversary event I’d suggest calling in advance. We have a handy list of phone numbers.

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