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Signing: Cruzader’s Omar Morales at Dr. Comics & Mr. Games on June 28

What’s better than a successful comic book Kickstarter campaign? A successful Kickstarter campaign that goes above and beyond the requested total.

cruzaderLast November, Omar Morales beat his goal to raise $10,000 so he could fulfill his dream of publishing his graphic novel CruZader: Agent of the Vatican. The local creator had already completed the 140-pages of story, but faced a funding challenge when it came time to publish and distribute his book. Kickstarter and nearly 100 backers helped him fulfill his dream and to celebrate he’ll be hosting a “Launch Signing” at Dr. Comics and Mr. Games, 4014 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland on June 28. At the signing you can pick up a copy of the hardcover edition of CruZader and have it signed by Morales.

What’s the book about? From the Kickstarter page:

A reluctant priest is re-trained as a holy warrior for the Pope; he must embrace his destiny in order to defend the Vatican from an invading army of radical terrorists … who are much more than what they appear.The story of CruZader is about one man’s journey to find a higher calling and a higher meaning in life. Our hero, Antonio De La Cruz, is a humble man with out any super powers. He wields ancient and supernatural relics in battle, and those artifacts give him the edge he needs to defeat his enemies. Some of his weapons and tools include: the legendary Spear of Christ, the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin, holy water, rosary beads, and a thorny cilice. Like most people, he has a hot and cold working relationship with his boss – none other than the Pope himself. De La Cruz tires of traveling the world hunting vampires, killing werewolves, and performing exorcisms. He seeks to retire from his duties as the Pope’s super soldier … until the day comes for him to fulfill his role in a mysterious prophecy.

You can see a video of Morales receiving his book here:

Listen to his interview with “I Sell Comics” below:

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