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Signing: Greg Hinkle and Jason McNamara at Mission: Comics (April 29)

The Rattler prismatic

The Rattler prismatic

In 2014, I was excited to contribute to a Kickstarter for Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle’s horror graphic novel The RattlerCombining horror and comics isn’t an easy feat and is rarely done well but McNamara and Hinkle nailed it with this graphic novel. They effectively built suspense and delivered on true moments of fright. It was one of my favorite reads in 2014 but due to the limited nature of Kickstarter I couldn’t share with friends. Thankfully, Image Comics stepped up and has republished the graphic novel in a fancy new edition that’s now available at local comic shops smart enough to carry it. One of those smart comic shops will be hosting a signing with McNamara and Hinkle on April 29. Mission: Comics and Art, 2250 Mission Street in San Francisco, will be celebrating the release of The Rattler and Hinkle’s collected collaboration with James Robinson, Airboy, starting at 6 p.m.

Maybe they’ll bring some of the super-cool The Rattler prismatics (see image to the left) they made for the Kickstarter. You know your trapper-keeper could use a new accessory.

Bay Area Comic Crowdfunding: The Rattler

The Rattler prismatic

The Rattler prismatic

Why did I invest in the Kickstarter for Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle’s horror graphic novel The Rattler? Because if I’m going to trust anyone to put out a solid horror comic it’s going to be the guy who says he writes graphic novels because he wants “every child in America to believe Two-Face wants to chop them into little pieces.”  Bonus: It includes an artist who went on an epic San Francisco bender with James Robinson in an effort to come up with an original concept for a new Airboy series.

According to Kickstarter The Rattler is a 96-page “atmospheric thriller that delivers strong characterization, a dark sense of humor and moments of abject terror.”

The last two years have seen a healthy  increase in horror comics, but it’s still rare to find a title that can instill genuine terror. Many of the early reviews of The Rattler seem to suggest this book succeeds in bringing terror and tension. The graphic novel came to my attention thanks to an enthusiastic write-up on Nerdlocker who says “I was terrified of what was waiting to jump out at me in the next panel.” Greg Burgas, writing for ComicBookResources, backs this up adding “Reading the book is a fairly white-knuckle experience, and it’s partly because McNamara knows how to manipulate the reader well.”

The Kickstarter launched today and is shooting for a modest $4,600.  There are some great backer rewards including a rad prismatic sticker you can use to decorate your Trapper Keeper.


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