Bay Area CrowdFunding: Nathan Watson’s “Runner”

Ever thought the world needs more female superheroes who are “tough and pretty and not need guys help all the time”? Artist and Writer Nathan Watson’s 10-year-old daughter agrees with you. Watson, who’s runnerWatsonillustrated comics based on well known properties including Toy Story and Ghostbusters, is hoping to kickstart his daughter’s dream into reality with a new miniseries called Runner. Watson is shooting for $6,000 to cover the production cost of the first issue and anything above and beyond will go toward creating the second and third issues in the series. According to the campaign’s Kickstarter page:

Mixing a few things my daughter and I really dig like monsters, comedy, and parkour, RUNNER will take you on a wild ride of twists and unexpected turns, with super hyper action and creature-punching craziness. Along the way, we’ll watch Bethany learn to control her temper (though not much). She’ll also learn that having someone that she can trust is better than having something she can hit, even though there will be plenty of appropriate things for her to hit over the course of the first three issues! Finally, there’s the central idea of the project: That just because something is big, ugly and gruesome, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the villain.

Strong Female Leads. Gigantic Aliens. Gigantic HUMANS. Freerunning. Dimension Hopping. Conspiracies. Betrayal. Family Drama. Comedy. All these elements come together in RUNNER, where we’re having fun for the sake of having fun!

The project has a long list of unique backer rewards including paper dolls, copies of Watson’s previous work, limited sketch cards, a papercraft figure, and more.

Although Watson has a publisher lined up to assist in packaging and distribution Runner will be completely creator-owned. The purpose of the Kickstarter is to provide Watson with the opportunity to focus on completing the first issue while also paying a fair rate to his colorist William Blankenship.

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