Bay Area zombies invade Mythbusters

Mythbusters has posted the trailer for their “Zombie Special” which was filmed on the grounds of Alameda’s retired Navel Air Station using many zombies from the Bay Area. The episode will explore zombie myths with the help of Michael Rooker who played “Merle Dixon” in AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Mythbusters zombie special comes out the same week as the launch of the fourth season of The Walking Dead which premieres on October 13. In addition to the episode trailer they’ve also posted “Mythbusters‘ Top 10 tips to outlast the zombie apocalypse.” The zombie episode of Mythbusters can be seen on Discovery October 17 at 10 p.m. (PST).

We’re especially excited about this episode as our very own Maddie Greene was a member of the zombie horde during filming. You can see her in the trailer hanging on a rusty door around the 22 second mark (also screen capped).

Maddie Greene as a Mythbusters zombie

Maddie Greene as a Mythbusters zombie

This appearance on Mythbusters is only the most recent step in Greene’s evolution from Zombie Scholar to actual zombie. She started off publishing the blog “Zomploitation” on which she’s reviewed nearly 200 zombie films (taking a hiatus in 2009), she founded the Madison Zombie Lurch in 2005 (perhaps the first Zombie Protest March in the country), and had a starring role in the original version of Z-Town: The Zombie Musical (she can also be heard on the cast recording available at CDBaby).

Z-Town: The Zombie Musical TRAILER from Rob Matsushita on Vimeo.

Z-Town: The Zombie Musical

Lyrics/Book by Sarah Mucek, Music by Meghan Rose

Directed by Pete Rydberg

Long kept a secret from the rest of the world, all that separates Zombies from the living is a little thing called death. In Z-Town, Zombies of all ages laugh, cry, sing, dance, love, and hate in a place where “living” is a dirty word and a neighboring town’s suspicions carry the threat of violence. When one high-minded Zombie invites an unsuspecting family of tasty Breathers to town, will the undead find the rest they’ve been denied? Or have these Zombies bitten off more than they can chew?

Written and produced here in Madison, Z-Town is not your average zombie musical.



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