Comix Experience to take over Comic Outpost

comicoutpostWe noted a few weeks ago the unfortunate news that the decade old Comic Outpost, 2381 Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, was in danger of closing. This morning we learned the Lake Merced region of San Francisco will continue to have funny book service thanks to Comix Experience proprietor Brian Hibbs taking it over. Hibbs, author of comic retailing bible Tilting at Windmills, announced the takeover yesterday on Savage Critic and the Comics Outpost website. In an open letter to Comic Outpost customers, Hibbs said “I want to assure you that we have no intention of changing the essential nature of the Outpost. Customers dictate the kind of store that exists, and we’ll be dedicated to bringing you the same passionate and engaged love-of-comics service you’ve received from Gary over the years!”

Due to the unfortunate circumstances Comic Outpost had been forced to suspend new comic deliveries, but Hibbs assures customers that deliveries will resume immediately. However, he warns that due to the suspension of orders  “for the next 3-4 weeks there may be the occasional individual comic you may have to wait an extra week or two while we track down more copies.”



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