Exhibit: Celebrate Giant Robot with little robots at OMCA



The 20th anniversary of the Asian-American pop arts and culture magazine Giant Robot is coming to the Oakland Museum of California in the form of a three month long exhibit. To kick off the exhibit the museum and magazine will be hosting a “preview” party on April 18 which will feature music, food, art and much more. As part of the exhibit Giant Robot will be unveiling a series of little robots customized by some of the finest artists working today. Chicago artist Jeremiah Ketner has posted a preview of his robot on his blog.

If you’re a member of OMCA an exclusive preview starts at 3 p.m. with the public preview starting at 7 p.m. SuperAwesome: The Art of Giant Robot coincides with the exhibit  Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records. In addition to robots there will be an Oakland record swap sponsored by Record Store Day and Amoeba Records.

You’ll also find custom robots by the following artists: Aaron Brown, Spanky Stokes, Mark Nagata, Katsuya Terada, Gary Ham, Julie West, Jason Limon, Okkle, Reactor 88, Stasia Burrington, Junko Mizuno, Yukinori Dehara, Bert Gatchalian, Kano, Mari Inukai, Jay222, Scott Wilkowski, Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Jeni Yang, Dril One, Valley Dweller, and Scott Tolleson.

Jeremiah Ketner's Giant Robot

Jeremiah Ketner’s Giant Robot

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