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It can often be difficult to keep track of the whereabouts of Earth’s Green Lanterns.

For the first time since the early aughts, DC Comics only has a single series on shelves with the word Lantern in the title. That title is Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s critically-acclaimed and best selling series The Green Lantern. The star of the series is Earth’s first member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan. As of The Green Lantern #10, Jordan is the only Earthling protecting and serving in Space Sector 2814. So where the rest of Earth’s Green Lanterns? Updated: August 16, 2019.

jessica cruz and simon baz
Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz saying farewell in Green Lanterns #57.

UPDATED: February 11, 2019.

Where is Green Lantern Hal Jordan?

As mentioned above, Jordan is currently the headliner of The Green Lantern. Plenty of additional alien Green Lantern Corps members make appearances in the title, but so far, only Hal’s shown up to represent Earth.

He was also recently seen in Doomsday Clock #9 on Mars with Gardner, Stewart, and Cruz.

Where is Green Lantern John Stewart?

Stewart currently checks the “Green Lantern” box in Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jim Cheung, and Stephen Segovia’s Justice League. Sinestro attempts to enlist him into a new Lantern spectrum, the Ultraviolet Corps. During the battle his ring is destroyed. It’s replaced by a Green Lantern symbol that appears on his ring finger like a tattoo.

He was also recently seen in Doomsday Clock #9 on Mars with Gardner, Jordan, and Cruz.

Where is Green Lantern Kyle Rayner?

Rayner is the newest member of the Titans. He might even be the first Green Lantern to join the young superhero team. However, after the newest series ended with issue #40 in April 2019 it isn’t clear where Kyle landed.

Where is Green Lantern Jessica Cruz?

At the end of Green Lanterns, the agoraphobic Cruz decides to tackle her fears head on and takes off into space. She finds herself teaming up with a random assortment of Justice Leaguers in Justice League Odyssey.

Huge Spoiler: In issue #12 we learn that the Odyssey was planned by Darkseid to bring Cyborg, Starfire, and Azreal together so he could use them as pawns. Jessica was never part of his plan. After the others have fallen and she stands alone he offers her a place by his side as a God of Indomitable Will. She is defiant and uses the remaining two percent of power in her ring to give Thanos a solid punch. His response is to disintegrate her. Is she dead?

She was also recently seen in Doomsday Clock #9 on Mars with Gardner, Jordan, and Stewart.

Where is Green Lantern Guy Gardner?

Guy Gardner has turned up in two places recently. He most recently made an appearance as a member of Justice League Reserves in Damage, Vol. 2 #12 fighting the titular character. A big thank you to Collin from The Real Batman Chronology Project for bringing the appearance to my attention.

However, perhaps his more substantial appearance was in Doomsday Clock #9. Gardner joins a menagerie of heroes (including Jordan, Stewart, and Cruz) journeying to Mars where they attempt to takedown Doctor Manhattan. It seems to go well for Gardner when he sucker punches the Watchman and seemingly snaps his neck. It lasts for a second.

Doctor Manhattan pops back, literally, and wrenches Gardner’s ring off of his finger. It perplexes him and he says he finds it difficult to affect. Curious.

Where is Green Lantern Simon Baz?

Possibly as part of the Justice League/Aquaman “Drowned Earth” crossover! I haven’t been able to confirm the exact issue. The definite last full appearance of Baz he was saying farewell to Cruz at the end of Green Lanterns #57. See the panel above.


  1. Hi! LOVE that you’ve been doing a lot of GL stuff on here lately. Just some updates from around the current world of the DCU.

    Guy Gardner last popped up in the recent Damage Vol. 2 #12-13, where he is a member of the Justice League RESERVES!

    And Simon Baz helped out during the recent “Drowned Earth” JL crossover.

    I, among others, was worried that one of these Big Six would be unmercifully thrown into the fridge during Heroes in Crisis, but I’m glad that they all appear to have survived. (There was a downed character with a GL logo in Heroes in Crisis, but no reveal on who it is yet.)

      • Jesse Russell
      • Posted February 10, 2019 at 3:06 pm
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      Hey, thank you for your reply! Sorry I missed it until now. I’m used to getting so much spam I’ve been trained out of looking for real comments! I just checked out your website and I applaud your effort. I’d love to do something like that for GL. I’ll be sure to follow up on your Guy lead. Thank you.

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