Image Expo 2014: Twitter accounts to follow

This is an updated list of Twitter accounts worth following to keep up to date on all of the news and commentary coming out of the Image Expo. I’ve updated this list with creators who are confirmed to be attending today and creators who have said things that lead various comic book news sites to believe they’ll be there. I also have a Twitter Image Expo list that includes the following people as well as various fans who’ve said they’ll be attending. There are some confirmations regarding creators who will be attending, but won’t necessarily be on a panel. Those include: Justin Greenwood (The Fuse), Ken Kristensen (Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth), Jim Valentino (ShadowHawk/Image co-founder), and Rob Liefeld (Youngblood/Image co-founder).

The hashtag is #ImageExpo
Ours: @ashareduniverse
Image: @imagecomics
Skybound: @skyboundent
Kelly Sue DeConnick: @kellysue
Brandon Graham: @royalboiler
Nick Dragotta: @NickDragotta
Rick Remender: @Remender
Matt Fraction: @mattfraction
Robert Kirkman: @RobertKirkman
Nick Spencer: @NickSpencer
Joe Keatinge: @joekeatinge
Wes Craig: @WesCraigComics
James Robinson: @JamesDRobinson
Paul Azaceta: @paulazaceta
Joshua Williamson: @Williamson_Josh
Ken Kristensen: @KenKristensen
Justin Greenwood: jkgreenwood_art
Rob Liefeld: @robertliefeld
Ed Brubaker: @brubaker (maybe)
Andrea Shockling (Comicosity): @andreashock
Aaron Meyers (Comicosity): @AaronMeyers
Tom Spurgeon (Comics Reporter): @comicsreporter
David Dissanayake (Bleeding Cool): @dwdissanayake
Comics Therapy: @comicstherapy
CheapGraphicNovels: @CheapGN
Mission Comics: @MissionComics
Heather (Fantastic Comics): @moriarteas
Juliette (Fantastic Comics): @ElusiveJ
Isotope Comics: @IsotopeComics
Brian (Brian’s Comics): @brianscomics

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