Signing: Chuck Palahniuk at Comix Experience

fightclubissue3Begin Disclosure: This disclosure is important, because I’m about to start this blurb about a signing at Comix Experience with the hyperbolic statement “Fight Club 2 is one of the top ten titles of 2015.” I respect Chuck Palahniuk greatly as an author, I believe Cameron Stewart is one of the most important comic artists working, and I consider Fight Club to be a rare perfect film.  This disclosure is important, because I want you to be aware of my bias.  This disclosure is important, because I want you to consider that while Palahniuk has long been one of my favorite authors I haven’t been enamored by every word, sentence, and paragraph he’s written. He’s even penned entire books where I reach the final period, close the book, and say “meh.” Even so, he remains an author I read in hardcover because of his approach to the narrative craft. By “approach,” I mean the way he’ll use a long-bearded ax to tear away the traditional narrative shield, hack the status quo into little pieces, and reassemble it with the rhythm of war drums as his guide.

This disclosure is important, because I believe my hyperbolic statement “Fight Club 2 is one of the top ten titles of 2015″ should carry extra weight. My first thought when reading the solicits was that a sequel was unnecessary. A sequel in any format would take away from the original novel and film. My childhood would be ruined. Human beings only have a tentative hold on nostalgia and the smallest affront to that nostalgia, like making Ghostbusters all women, would destroy one of the building blocks that made me. If it happens too often the Universe would likely collapse. The previous four statements are all lies (especially the bit about Ghostbusters). On February 24, I shared a link to the solicit on Facebook and wrote “this is interesting.” This disclosure is important, because this disclosure is unreliable. End disclosure.

Fight Club 2 is one of the top ten titles of 2015. If you’re already aware of this indisputable fact Comix Experience wants to reward you. If you weren’t aware, but wish to become aware, Comix Experience wishes to reward you.

On August 29, Chuck Palahniuk will be signing copies of his Dark Horse Comics series at Comix Experience’s 350 Divisadero Street location. There will be lines and there will be rules.

  1. If you’re a Comix Experience patron with Fight Club 2 on your subscription list you’ll receive a number for the priority line.
  2. If you’ve never purchased a copy of Fight Club 2, but go to Comix Experience on the day of the event and purchase all four issues you’ll receive a number for the priority line.
  3. If you’ve purchased issue one through three at a different location, but subscribe to issue four at Comix Experience (this is so very clever) you’ll receive a number for the priority line.
  4. There is a secondary line if you have a general disdain for comics as an art form, would prefer to not spend your hard earned dollars on funny books and supporting a local business, and would like for Palahniuk to sign your first edition of the only true Fight Club while asking “oh my god, how could you create this bastardization of such an important book?”
  5. There will be an exclusive line for speculators and flippers forming at the end of Pier 39. Palahniuk will meet with you, tell you you’re special, and sign every single item in your box. Please be at Pier 39 promptly at 11 a.m. and do not go to Comix Experience.

For an accurate and clear breakdown of the rules of the lines please visit the Comix Experience website.

The signing will begin at 11 a.m., but your numbered place in line will better determine when you should show up.  Again, visit the Comix Experience website to better understand your place in line.

Be prepared for the unexpected at this signing. Palahniuk events are known for mayhem.

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