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Cosmic Book News is a fansite that’s mostly dedicated to cosmic comic film news. Cosmic Book News is best known for disliking Brie Larson, Rian Johnson, and James Gunn. CosmicBooksNews was founded by Matt McGloin.

Captain Marvel crushes completely ridiculous success metric

Captain Marvel has become the seventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to break $1 billion. It’s an incredibly significant metric for multiple reasons but perhaps most importantly because achieving $1 billion was a made-up measure of success by people looking for reasons to call the film a failure.

It wasn’t until after Captain Marvel‘s record breaking opening weekend that sites pushing for the film’s failure started to move the goalposts. Before the opening weekend, sites like Bounding Into Comics and Cosmic Book News had started telling their readers the film would be a complete failure if it didn’t break $100 million.

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