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Signing: Greg Hinkle and Jason McNamara at Mission: Comics (April 29)

The Rattler prismatic

The Rattler prismatic

In 2014, I was excited to contribute to a Kickstarter for Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle’s horror graphic novel The RattlerCombining horror and comics isn’t an easy feat and is rarely done well but McNamara and Hinkle nailed it with this graphic novel. They effectively built suspense and delivered on true moments of fright. It was one of my favorite reads in 2014 but due to the limited nature of Kickstarter I couldn’t share with friends. Thankfully, Image Comics stepped up and has republished the graphic novel in a fancy new edition that’s now available at local comic shops smart enough to carry it. One of those smart comic shops will be hosting a signing with McNamara and Hinkle on April 29. Mission: Comics and Art, 2250 Mission Street in San Francisco, will be celebrating the release of The Rattler and Hinkle’s collected collaboration with James Robinson, Airboy, starting at 6 p.m.

Maybe they’ll bring some of the super-cool The Rattler prismatics (see image to the left) they made for the Kickstarter. You know your trapper-keeper could use a new accessory.

Image Publisher Eric Stephenson talks Image Expo with Multiveristy

imageexpoFor the third year in a row comic news site Multiveristy named Image Comics “publisher of the year.” To coincide with granting the honor Multiversity’s David Harper sat down with Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson to talk about the past, present, and future of the company. In the interview, Stephenson discusses the successful Image Expo which will be returning to the Bay Area on January 9, 2014. While no news about what may be announced at the 2014 Image Expo is revealed Stephenson discusses how the event came to be and how it was Robert Kirkman’s enthusiasm that set everything in motion:

…my initial reaction was essentially a cross between unbridled revulsion and abject despair. It all sounded like considerably more trouble than it was worth, frankly, but as typically happens, I got caught up in Robert’s enthusiasm for the ideas, and what do you know? Everything was fine. Better than fine, actually, because what we quickly learned was that there’s real value in making big announcements outside the circus atmosphere of the regular convention circuit.

Since I last wrote about Image Expo a number of new creators have been added to the already robust slate: Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Bedlam), Joe Keatinge (Glory), Wes Craig (Deadly Class), James Robinson (The Saviors), Paul Azaceta (Outcast), and Joshua Williamson (Ghosted).


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