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Earth: 47
First Appearance: Animal Man Vol. 1 #23
Creators: Grant Morrison and Chaz Truog

Magic Lantern made his first appearance during Grant Morrison’s run on Animal Man. He’s pulled to Earth-1 when Psycho Pirate attempts to use Arkham Asylum as an anchor to bring back characters lost during Crisis on Infinite Earths. He’s a member of the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld. We eventually learn more about Dreamworld in The Multiversity: Guidebook.

Home of the psychedelic champions of the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld led by Sunshine Superman, and including The Shooting Star, Speed Freak, Magic Lantern, and Brother Power, The Geek. The Love Syndicate is financed by the immortal teenage President Prez Rickard. All is groovy.

In Earth 47’s Universe, the Guardians of the Universe equivalents are the Galactic Gurus. One known Guru is Guru Joz.magic lantern

Deep Dive: The Green Lantern #9 (2018)

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s ninth issue of The Green Lantern features a cast of dozens. We’re introduced to a new cosmic superteam called “The United Planets of Superwatch,” Hal Jordan takes us on a recreational swords and sorcery adventure with his D&D group on the planet Atmoora, we get our first glance of the combined Green Lanterns of the Multiverse (or the “Guardians of the Multiverse”), and we finally see the fruits of Controller Mu and the Blackstars labor in the form of the Anti-Man.

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Who Are The Multiverse Green Lanterns?

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s The Green Lantern issue 10 cracked open the Multiverse and introduced as to the “Guardians of the Multiverse.” This team is a collection of Green Lanterns from different Earths (perhaps more correctly Universes because they aren’t all from the Earth in their Universe). Thanks to the solicitation for issue 10 we know Morrison plans for 12 Lanterns to join the team.

Twelve parallel worlds! Twelve Green Lanterns! And one unstoppable menace! Hal Jordan joins the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse—including Bat-Lantern, Tangent Green Lantern and more—to save a dying Multiverse, defeat the relentless Anti-Man and embark upon their “Quest for the Cosmic Grail”! It’s another Morrison/Sharp science fantasy epic!

Thanks to the cover for the issue we have a decent guess as to who seven of those Lanterns joining Earth Prime’s Hal Jordan will be. Three more appear in issue 10 bringing the total of known Lanterns to 10. Two, including the mysterious black, fin-headed Lantern on the cover, will likely be revealed in issue 11. I’ve pulled together an explainer for these ten light slingers starting with the seven from the cover. They’re listed below from left to right in the above image.

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