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Bay Area Zack Kaplan “Eclipse” Signing Times Two

Eclipse01_review-1One of the many wonderful things about being a comic book reader in the Bay Area is we have a steady stream of creators passing through the region. Another one of the many wonderful things about the Bay Area is that our 6900 square feet in all likelihood contain more local comic shops than any other 6900 square feet in these United States. These two wonderful aspects of the Bay Area occasionally combine to create a delightful phenomenon of multiple opportunities in a single day to meet a creator.

Although I’m consistently inconsistent about updating this website when I do update it I think I do a reasonable job of capturing all of the appearances a creator might be making in the Bay Area. However, due to this being more of a casual side project I occasionally make mistakes. I made one of those mistakes on Monday when I posted Zack Kaplan’s appearance at Cape and Cowl in Oakland but overlooked his appearance at Fantastic Comics in Berkeley. So it goes. I revise.

Kaplan will make at the least two appearances on the East bay Comic Book Trail tomorrow. The first stop will be at Cape and Cowl, 1601 Clay Street in Oakland, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Kaplan will follow that appearance with a visit to Fantastic Comics, 2026 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Both of these appearances will celebrate the release of Kaplan’s Top Cow and Image project Eclipse. Bleeding Cool has more on the title plus a sneak peek at the comic featuring the  brightly haunting artwork of Giovani Timpano.

Signing: William Harms at Escapist October 19

39 Minutes

39 Minutes

Game and comic writer William Harms will be signing copies of his Top Cow book 39 Minutes at The Escapist on October 19. Harms, who’s written for everyone from Marvel to 2K, received IGN’s “Best Story of the 2009” award for the PS3 title InFamous.  In the world of comic writing he’s released a number of independent titles including Impaler and Bad Mojo and has lent his pen to established properties that include Captain America and Wolverine. In August, Top Cow released the hardcover trade paperback of Harms 2010 title 39 Minutes. The title was the company’s 2010 winner of their “Pilot Season” competition where fans determine which one-shot will be developed into a series. Harms will be signing at Escapist, 3090 Claremont Avenue in Berkeley, starting at 3 p.m. The description of 39 Minutes is below:

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